We received the following feedback from the walkers:

“Having organised such events myself on behalf of BEHT, I can well imagine the sheer effort and time that must have gone in organising such an event. So well done to you and your team.
We all felt that it was very well organised and certainly the food at the half way point for us was excellent, adequate and the serving staff were very welcoming.
I would like to continue to support your efforts. “- Atul Dhanani

 “Thanks for your kind note. I really enjoyed the walk and, most importantly, I finished the 42km distance. Lunch at The Ferry was great. I’m glad to say I’m fully recovered from the gruelling walk now.
I thought overall the walk was very well organised. For such a large group I would say more than one walk leader is required. Usually there would be a walk leader in front with the fast walkers, one in the middle with the moderately paced walkers, and one behind with the slower walkers. This is something that could be taken into account for the next event.
I was so concentrated at getting on and finishing the walk that I didn’t remember to take pictures, even though I was admiring the beautiful scenery.” - Patricia Ejindu  

“Firstly, thank you very much for arranging such a wonderful event, we enjoyed the walk, the food and the company.
We are grateful to both of you for the entire arrangement and the passion and commitment that you and your team gave to this event on the day.
Frankly, I can't think of any shortcoming ....just a couple of points for next year to consider, do you require a refreshment collection at 16km after having stopped for tea at 11 km? And would it be possible to have a water collection between lunch and finishing line as this is the most difficult part of the walk where the people are pushing their efforts to the limit.( and perhaps lunch could be downgraded to a simple sandwich !).” - Jay Rajani

“I had a great time on Sunday 21st June in the Marathon Walk. The route was very scenic which made it enjoyable.
The vegetarian lunch served at Blue River Cafe was very enjoyable. The only drawback was no hot or cold drinks were served for the half marathon walkers! Looking forward to the next event.” - Sonal Shah